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 Your pen writes good

Startled I can feel it too 

Oh! How long I awaited 

To feel the touch - a touch, 

of a meagre pen, it so maybe 

Or that of your diary, I relish 

Haven't sensed in an eternity 

or haven't perceived in an endless time 

So long it has been - forever

That I failed to recollect my ability to write

The pleasure to connect - long lost

Brings me back alive' - back from the dead

With a heart and a soul - both fictional
All I do is to crave more 

But now that I hear your footsteps nearing the door

I shall vacate, though I can't be seen 

To leave things the way they were

Before you left, before I came

For, a connect, I am not worth to feel 

For much longer than this 

That would make me long a human life

back; all over again 

I must leave...



  • Love it

    Aug 18, 2019

  • let me know how you found the poem

    Aug 20, 2019

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