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Every single day
In search of love i 
Wander lonley

No where to hide 
No one to seek 
No one to say
Nothing to find

Why is life not fair
Why do i live  when
There is nowhere
For me to hide from my fears

While you seek love
Lonley like garbage
I stand there

When you have somone to talk
I talk to myself
Bearing pain
In the heart

While you plan
For future finding new things 
Everyday i walk through the path with nothing to find

Dear friends, there are people
Who need you
Give a hand
Be a ladder for those who need

If u help
God will help
In a way you will never imagine

Angelin biju


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    Aug 18, 2019

  • Biju Kurian

    Biju Kurian


    Aug 19, 2019

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