Walkers: Unseen (Chapter 4) Read Count : 32

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
Claw sneaked out on the Warriors, Then Claw got close till the point he can hear them clearly "Ugh...That Claw, he is deserving too much! he is a young warrior-fine and all BUT I deserve some of that attention! I am the biggest warrior after all" He wants me to DIE?! impossible...I'm a great hunter! for my pack.. and he wants me to DIE?! who does he think he is! "Claw does deserve too much! I more than that...so I must kill him, I must Wait days though...he'll suspect nothing" And everything he was saying was to Others, called Temple, Bitter, and Sally..but Sally is only a Cub! Weird "I agree." Replied Bitter "Me too! you deserve much more, Crooked" "I do too! dad!" Said Sally, Nudging against Crooked's fur "Hm, you know Sally, I hope you'll be like me someday" Claw was Scared of Crooked's words. He is the biggest male in the pack! Claw popped up behind them "I know everything you said...CROOKED! YOU LITTLE-" Claw got out of control and pounced on Crooked, Biting his Neck, even though he was big Claw's powerful Jaws can crack a bone "ARGH! SALLY! MY DAUGHTER, HELP! YOU TOO GUYS!" Crooked pushed Claw to the Ground and Leaped on Claw instead "I knew you were gonna kill me!" Claw Roared, all the Lions heard then 13 Lions from the Pack show up to see the scene "HELP! WHY ARENT YOU HELPING!" Crooked snarled at his pals, Sunny kept Clawing Claw in the face "Let me go! LET ME GO! HELP!" Claw roared Some more "ATTACK!" Said crooked, more Lions popped out from pushes, lining behind him "You had a group for killing me...KILLING ME?" Claw snarled "Yes, I did, Young Claw, you're a young warrior and don't even know about me that much..i am a great warrior after all" Laughed Crooked, Lions on Crooked's side help Claw die faster "ATTACK- PACK!" Other Lions on Claw's side Leaped on the Lions helping Harm Claw, Claw clawed crooked and Launched up as he did so he bit Crooked's neck, But Another Lion Pushed Claw close to the Sharp Rocks, where all Lions can die if they leap on them "Please! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" Claw begged, he has nothing else to do "I'm sorry, but you'll have to deal with dying.." Said the random Lion, Pushing Claw into the very sharp rocks..everything turned white...Claw's last Roar attracted every Lion to look at him and every Lion was shocked, very shocked...Crooked Purred in victory, with blood on his Claws "Oh Claw..only if you knew what was coming" This was the tale of a short life.. remember, things can never change once they are stuck


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