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The main cause of the French Revolution was the American Revolution. People saw the events that occured after the American Revolution and wanted the same for France. People bombarded the versailles and took the king Louis and queen Marie Antoinette prisoner. People were angry because there was a money shortage and the king and queen were over spending on food, dresses and jewelry. 

Effects of the French Revolution consist of a dictator, equality, somewhat free speech. Napoleon bonaparte took over France as a dictator after the French Revolution ended. During the Revolution the citizens of France wrote The Declaration Of The Rights Of Man And Of The Citizen that claimed every man had the rights of free speech. Due to paranoia if someone said the wrong thing they would be reported and executed.

 Maximilien Robespierre started as a student who went to school with who would come to be the future King of France. He read to King Louis and Queen Marie Antoinette on the day of their coronation, though they didn't listen. Maximilien later went on to leave the revolution which fought against the King and Queen. Robespierre was later killed, his death ended the reign of terror.


  • Aug 16, 2019

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