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The causes of the Haitian Revolution consist of slavery, Speech, and The French Revolution. Slaves were angry since it was their land and they wanted more control. A past slave started a revolt with over 20,000 slaves. France Declared the Declaration of the rights of man which stated all men are free and the slaves wanted the same for them. 

The effects of the Haitian Revolution consist independence and poverty. The Haitian Revolution caused an economic decline that let many people in poverty. The Haitian Revolution was the first successful slave revolt. 

Louverture lead the Haitian Revolution, he fought to end slavery. He wanted to gain independence for Haiti. L'ouverture was a freed slave and begane a military career as the main leader of the Haitian Revolution. L'ouverture was a ruler of Saint Domingue, slave liberater, and a military commander.

The timeline is as depicted below.

1660- Slaves enter St Dominque and make sugar

1791- The slaves begin a revolt

1791- The Slaves are guvin there freedom

1798- The Slaves conquer most of Hatia

1804- Hatia is declared a republic


  • Aug 16, 2019

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