Evil Santa (part 1) Read Count : 24

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Sub Category : Horror
When I was 6 years old, my family use to tell me stories about santa. I really believed in him. I always left him cookies and milk, but he never touched it. When I was 12 my mom and dad finally told me that Santa wasn’t real. I was really mad at them. As the years went by I never caught Santa on tape. But this year, I did. I first thought that my dad found the camera and wanted to prank me. But then he looked at the camera and waved. I felt stupid when I waved back. He put his hand down and stared at the camera smiling. I opened my door and yelled, “Nice prank dad, just show yourself.” I looked at my I-pad and saw it was gone. I looked back in the hallway and saw it. Santa. He stood there with a candle. He didn’t have any masks on, or open spaces to show he had a mask on. I walked back slowly, he started to walk up fast. I ran and shut the door. He started banging and saying this out loud, “Open up kid!! I just want to say hi!” I didn’t answer. He started kicking and I lost grip. I let go and fell. I covered my eyes and he didn’t come in. I uncovered my eyes and looked under the door. I saw his shadow standing there. It felt like an internity but he finally walked away. I checked my camera and saw him with dark eyes smiling. I jumped. He put black foil over the camera so I can’t see what he was doing. I heard footsteps approach my door. I looked under my door again and saw that he left something there. 
A present?


  • Awesome i love ur mind space for fiction

    Aug 16, 2019

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