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I've been wrecking my brain again.

Been swinging from intelligence, but nothing seems to make sense.

I have my balance now

And I'm ready to fall again

Rescuing myself from my dismissal.

Seems like this always happens.

I make wings from the material of horns

To be with the love of my life in replace of this life that I love

And let this sacrifice adorn.

Well, I slung my heart upon the stars

To see if it shines and grants me my wish.

It filled the sky with anguish.

This was just something that I was ready to do

Because I'm ready to fall out of love with you.

If I bare through this pain

Then maybe I can respect myself again one day.

I may never be the same

But its easy to forgive myself if I stay.

I've been asking myself "when will it ever happen?"

This love is getting no weaker and I'm scared it will always be.

Keep losing myself in a feeling thats everlasting

And when the wind brush against my lips, you are all I see.

If this means the end of the aching,

Even at the expense of this friendship-

Both healthy and rich-

Then hopefully this is what life brings

And you loss your allure as a dream. 


  • Aug 16, 2019

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