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It feels like yesterday.

But time passed by.

Now it's long gone.

Few years ago everything so perfect.

You were by my side.

We were inseparable.

We went through hell together.

You were there.

When I was totally broken into pieces.

It feels like yesterday.

I don't want to face tomorrow.

It scares me.

Counting days to leave.

You left first.

Moved somewhere without me.

You've built your own way.

We weren't on the same path anymore.

It's sadden me knowing you're not there.

I moved myself without you.

Somewhere nearer our old place.

Wish I could go back in time.

To say how much I thank for it.

To see you one last time before you go.

I will always remember you.

Even though you're with somebody else.

Even though we're not friends anymore.

But I'll always remember you.

- Vivian Lin


  • Aug 16, 2019

  • great

    Aug 16, 2019

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