Walkers: Unseen (Chapter 3) Read Count : 39

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
Claw and Bat went out to check for more Hunters that are suitable for hunting, soon Bat spotted a small lion, but with their claws out- they were huge! Claw soon looked at the small lion and was also surprised "I think that is one of the great amateurs" Claw spoke, silently purring "Hm, has to be, we should send them on their first mission!" Bat snarled. Claw admired the amateur, staring at them thinking if they're capable at hunting. Claw then pounced in front of The amateur "Hey there Young one, would you like to come hunting with us? you'll get a prize out of it," Claw gently puffed "Sure, why not, it's not like I got anything else to do right now," Claw nodded "Good, Young Opal" Claw Hummed. They all padded to the edges of the Hunting Rocks, after a while they caught 3 more birds and a Thomson's Gazelle, They headed back to their natural pack border and sat. Claw licked between Bat's ears, sniffing at the same time. The two Lions were grooming each other until Claw saw another Lion sneaking out of the Borders surrounding the camp for the pack, with another Lion suspiciously. Claw let his curiosity get the best of him and Claw stopped grooming telling Bat that he is now clean, which he was and Claw slowly slithered, following the Lions sneakily.


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