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"Hello this is Jane. Willow, here we have some more reports of kidnapping and murdering. And the police believe that It's Andrew.  Yes the famous one not the one who lives across the road. Shocking. Well two nights ago the police found a body of a seven year old girl. She has been identified as Lauren. Smith. We found out that he is going to go and attack the people in Sutton tonight. So lock your doors, shut your windows and don't turn any lights on. Well that's it for toda-" Jamie turned of the Tv. " Huh boring. Haha you scared Isobel?" Asked Jamie.
"What? N-no!" Mumbled Isobel. Jamie shut all the curtains in the house turned of the lights, shut the windows and locked the doors. 
"Why don't you get into the basement? I will be right there with you." Said Jamie.
Isobel ran into the basement.
 "AHHH! HEL-" As soon as she ran in she dropped dead to the  floor. It was obvious she was dead. You could tell by just looking at her. Jamie made a stupid miskste and ran in after her.
"AHHHH!" He screamed too. It seemed someone was in there with them... But who? Andrew was finally in Sutton now, "Hmmm....I watched the news today so everyone has their lights off and windows shut.... Doors locked... Aha! Windows shut not locked, shut. Haha. if they try to hide in their basement they will get murdered by the people I hid in there three day ago! I'm a genius! I will just open the windows."
And that's what happened, when people tried to go in their basement so they got murdered and they stole their money too. After a whole four streets the murderers decided to retreat. Some how they all split the money equally.


  • Aug 15, 2019

  • Aug 15, 2019

  • K8TBeth Freidline

    K8TBeth Freidline


    Oct 16, 2019

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