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"Mom,it is there"
the little boy gently paced at the beautiful butterfly. His little long tiny
Fingers are following the butterfly.
"Come back my son"
The mother shouted at him. She is a
Well dressed lady with softy black hair.
Her reddish lips smiled smoothly on 
him. The little fellow is still trying for the butterfly. The butterfly sat on the leaf of a rose plant. He gently pace at the beautiful butterfly. The wind blows 
gently at the rose plant . It dances on the tune of the wind. One..two...three...
The butterfly flew from the rose leaf.
"Mom,I just miss it"
He look at his mom. She takes him on her hand. 
"Love you son.realize the value of love,
You will the most beautiful butterfly in
The world "
She wipe out her tears and kissed him.
The boy smiled at her.He murmured
Something on his mom.
"I like to be a elephant than a  butterfly.a strong and bold elephant . After...I will protect you always. love you too "


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