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Once upon a time, there leave a brave hunter and a selfish and greedy vulture. The hunter live in a cottage while the vulture live in the forest. 
One evening the hunter set off to the forest for hunting. He walked about 5miles without meeting any animal. He was unhappy when he saw vulture fleeing to one direction. He said to himself why don't I kill this vulture, cut the head and take off the feather and sell to the nearest village for money? As he was talking to himself, the vulture landed on a carcas. Immediately the hunter set his eyes on the carcas his mind change so he drive the vulture and took the carcas. He said to himself this vulture has help me today so I will take this animal as my friend.
Everyday he go to the forest to look for the vulture. One day on arrival he got an animal so he decided to give some part to the vulture. When he came home his wife asked him why this animal is not full? Or have you give part to the your concubine? The man was angry and decided not to talk. Then next day too he gave part of the meat to his new friend. When he arrive home he explained everything to his wife. How he saw the vulture and the way the vulture help him find the dead animal. His wife told him " Are you telling me that you friend that animal? Did you know that this animal is greedy and selfish? Let me give you a hint to check if It is good or bad.' The lady told him that if you want to know that this vulture is good, one day fire the gun and fell to the ground and see if It will help you or eat you.
As the light of the sky vanishing and the dark coming, the hunter set off to the forest for the test. He fire the gun and shouted loudly. Immediately the vukture came and on his chest trying to take off his eyes. The man shouted ooh is that how the world is? I decided not to kill you but to be your friend. Now I am pretending to be shoot you are about to eat me up. The vulture flee to a top of a tree. Then the hunter shoot it to death. 
When he came home he told his wife that indeed my friend is greedy and selfish.
Most people betray their friends when they are in needs. To err is human. 
Let try to help people when they need our help.
Never give all your trust to human kind
Love your friend as the way he/she love you. You can read more on


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