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A writer has a  friend,
That somtimes she/he
Doesn't know,

Look deep to see,
The writer in you first,
Then look in you're writer,
To see the friend.

If a writer looks deeply,
He or she could see,
But you are not trying,
To see it in

I am a young writer,
And i could see,
If i can see ,you
Can see.

Please my dear friends,
Look through the ,
Friend god has gave,
Please for me.

God if you hear me,
And my friend ,
I thank you lord,

You didnt get whom
No worries my friend 
Writting is you best friends

Book and a pen are,
Are you're
Best friends friend
So dont forget them

Actuall biju is my fathers name
I wrote this poem because if u feel lonley remeber take a paper and a pen express you're self


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