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1) What is painfuller than stabbing or shooting a person?

Think a world full of enemies,some people do love you but you hate them. Once you scream wishing everyone was dead,hurting others by a sword made of words. One such moment, a sudden stream of light bashis infront, you can't see anything. When you finally could open you're eyes you saw a river of blood. you're happy for a few days then you miss a world of everyone. Then a moment you regret. Hoping non of that had happend.But what you've don cant be changed.so what is more powerfull WORDS


  • Biju Kurian

    Biju Kurian

    hi i am a 10 year old girl who studies in 6th grade i lve to write it helps me almost everything

    Aug 15, 2019

  • nice

    Aug 15, 2019

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