Walkers: Unseen (Chapter 2) Read Count : 16

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
Claw Slithered out of the Den and Padded up in front of the Ancient's Den. Claw peeked inside to see amateurs feasting on Scavenger parts and Antelope Limbs, with bone showing and bearing out of the Meat covering it slightly, and with the Ancient Lions in front of them. Scraps of Fur and skin were being cleaned up by the Hunting Rocks in the clearing, it was a deep, deep ground hole, size of a House and is very steep, but Aardvark comes there to Feed on the trap scraps The pack places to lure Prey in. Claw tapped on a big Lion, the Lion puffed as Claw touched him with his 6 inch Claw, once the Big Lion steadily stood up and Woofed Quietly "Ugh. I don't wanna go on hunting patrol again! it has been a 4-day streak already.." The Big Lion groaned "Hey, don't be such a Bummer, Bat" Claw Titled his head to The Hunting Rocks "It's for the queen's new cubs for Fall, it's not gonna be that hard anyways!" Claw gently said, looking at the Black Lion "Fine, but you owe me something after this" Bat Roared silently. The two Lions padded toward the Hunting Rocks, feeling the warm touch on the ground as they got closer to the hunting rocks. The Black Lion was Prepared for hunting, with his claws out and has part of the position for hunting exposed. They finally got to the hunting grounds and started to spot millions of tiny prey "Let's take that Bird, it's plump and fat, it should not be able to fly away that easily..." Pointed out Claw, Bat looked at him then nodded, then Bat quietly leaped behind the prey and lightly padded closer to it, Then Claw leaped by the side of the prey and then goes straight for an attack, tugging its tail as it tries to fly away and escape, Bat quickly snatched  the Bird's wings with two paws. this bird was really hard to catch since its wings were really big and plump, And the two Lions pinned the bird and then ripped off one of its feathers to make it go limp and on edge. Claw carried the prey back to the Meal-Pile and after that putting the big plump bird in the pile, they went off for more hunting.


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