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Once there a house in a city called rikona.  In that house there are four members. A man a women and there children Akira and vika. Vika is only ten but Akira is in mid fifteenth . Akira doesn't have any friends because she doesn't want to believe any human so she has lived all her years without friend also she is not even frank with her parents because there were always so busy .akira most of the time don't sleep at night because she love to be with nature and also love to be alone. Akira  has some few imaginary friends with whom she loved to talk lot. These friends are pokaru a small tree planted in a pot in the balcony, a pillow which she most of the time hold in her hand like she is given that pillow a hug because she feel that her feelings are protected by holding that pillow. She named that pillow china and the last one is the wind because in her sad past the wind always make her feel alive. This girl also don't go outside of her house  also she doesn't go to school. She gives all her exam in her home. All she do all the day is that she read books for sometime and than listen her self-writen songs which she wrote when she feels lonely and sleep for sometime and during night talk with her friends as always .now there's a boy name kiba he is from another magical planet .he live in sikava alone.because in there planet the children came out from the trees root swollen part during the spring so he doesn't have any parents .also on there planet there is no girl. They usually go from a dangerous path to find an star where there are only girls also they should be married before turning into eighteenth. And because kiba is seventeenth now so he is leaving his planet in search of his future bride . While kiba is going through that path through his dragiyana (dragon). People of this planet used different kind of space flying creatures  which is given to them by there birth tree mother. The dragiyana turned his path in another direction  to somewhere else and kiba instead of going to star land  has gone to another planet by falling down from dragon when he opens his eyes he sees Akira's image.                        Hello to everyone who is reading my story now if you like it than please send me a message  to continue it next part.  Thanku 😊😊  


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