Walkers: Unseen (Chapter 1) Read Count : 17

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
Claw walked inside the Big den, the Commander's Den. Claw sat down in front of commander chef on some Leaves, stick together by sap and Twigs, making it a leaf bedding. Commander Chef Stared at claw getting settled and Ready for their conversation they're about to have "Dear Claw, I've seen you caught a Gazelle" Claw stared and smirked at Commander Chef "Of Course I did! is that awesome? cause it is to me, I may be a young warrior but I am a fine hunter" Purred Claw, Boasting about the Gazelle he caught earlier "Yes but, we need more food than that, I heard some of the queens are having cubs, but The litter is expanding Only this fall. We need you to create a pack of hunters you think are good and come with them for hunting patrols"
Claw looked Worried, can he do it? is he worthy? He shook it off and purred in Delight "Of course Commander Chef!" Claw meowed "I have to take care of my pack no matter what, I will gather up the strongest warriors and hunters I could find.." Claw Puffed Strongly and confidently, Commander Chef nodded "Well then, I guess that wraps it up, But just call me Chef, for now, Claw, I'd like it if you would call me Chef" Commander Chef repeated. Claw nodded "Ok, Chef" Woofed Claw as Chef walked out of the den, leaving just claw and the Empty, calm den.


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