Walkers: Unseen (Prologue) Read Count : 21

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
A Lion crept through the Tall grass, by a Gazelle minding its own business. Until the Lion snatched the Gazelle's leg with their Sharp teeth and Lightly held its paws on the Savannah ground, then the Lion launched up with the Gazelle's leg in their mouth And Throwing the Gazelle across the nearest Savannah clearing after landing hardly on the ground. The Lion then roared fiercely into the sky, all types of Savannah animals hearing the great big roar. Then They Ran into their meal and started to sniff it, then it lifted the Gazelle, almost tipping over but then getting balance of their body and then walked towards a lake with other Lions around it. It was a long trip to get there, but the Lion made it "Hey! Claw! mind sharing that Gazelle with your Fellow pack member? And its your Favorite~~!" Said a female Lion, casually waving their paw at Claw "I'm not sure, maybe? it was easily caught..I'll just put it in the Meal-Pile, Its not too far from The other Packs of Savannah Creatures," Claw Woofed "Hm, maybe you should hunt your own instead of Feasting on a big meal caught from one of your Pack Members, Leila"
"No way! i'm Only a amateur, i couldn't even catch even ONE Gazelle since i First started the Hunting training!" Leila Puffed " Well, cause you're only a amateur! and i am a official and a long-lived warrior!" Claw Meowed Casually "You've only been a Warrior for two Days!" Leila Snarled. Claw rolled his eyes and walked over to The Meal-Pile Casually, He finally got To the Meal-Pile and patted the Gazelle down. Claw stared at the Savannah Clearing, with Marabou Storks Flapping their wings. As Claw gazed off- "Hey! Claw! The Commander wants to see you" Claw Turned around and saw The Poster behind Him "It's for a good reason this time" The Poster pointed out "Yeah, i get it, last time it was for more prey even though i was about to go out hunting already. Also, Itim, how is the Commander doing? The male one, Chef." Claw Puffed. Itim rolled their eyes, "Just go.." They demanded, then Claw just slowly Padded to the Commander's Den.


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