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He came in and tried to talk "sense" into my head as if all he wants to do is to make me feel guilty and the torture is the only thing that he says he  doesn't want to do but I can see the anger in his eyes. He came and sat hunched on his heels in front of me and  told me :"Look at me Scarlett . " I turned my head to the side and he said anger rising in his voice :" Scarlett look at me !  " 
He held my chin gently and turned my head to look at him .  When he asked me something I would try to turn away but his grip gentle but firm wouldn't let me  go .  He talked to me but I just kept silent.He let my chin go and I just turned away .  

As he went I asked him :" Why did you save me if I'm just gonna be chained up in this place for all eternity " 
He had a pained look in his eye as if there's a bad memory repeating over and over again .  He slammed his fist against the door frame nearly shattering it so what was that ?  

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