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I’ve decided I am a feminist, I believe both men and women should have equal rights. Don’t allow people define you for you are not and let them define you for who your are. Both men and women should have the same opportunities and chance to speak. Not one of you should be judged because of your gender, sexuality, age or race everyone is the same in there own way and shouldn’t be used as an example of someone who shouldn’t be included. Each and everyone of you should have the chance to feel strong and sensitive. If you’re a girl who’s an actor and wants to experience to play a boy role make it happen or if you’re a boy who’s want to play a girl role make that happen. Everything is possible if you put your mind to it and shut those negative people out. Everyone will have their own opinions on you but don’t let those opinions define you, you are who you are no matter your gender race sexuality or age. How can we live in a world, defend our country if only half is invited? That isn’t the world we thought we’d live in so why start now! Equality is a main thing in this world and not following it can lead to someone being scared to stay and that’s not how we should treat others, make people feel welcome instead of making them feel unsafe and unwanted. 


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    Aug 14, 2019

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