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From across the room you radiate 
A smile from a mile would breath take
It captures your mind from eternity 
The stare of glare from your eyes
In capsulates the moment
Deep in a look that takes the soul for a ride
Lost in amazement further I fall
I’m drowned by dreams of purity
Your hair glistens the contour of your face
Beckoning the glow about you
Lost in a stare I do not dare
Forever in this moment so I dream
Floating as to be flying from abound
Trapped by fears of tantalizing beams
Oh where art tho dream of dreams
Stationeries of where I am
Come from behind
My eyes open for the first time
In reality of darkness I have found
Oh day dream what do you do
Dreaming this dream has scar the soul


  • Aug 14, 2019

  • Aug 14, 2019

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