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Hoodie: hey babe, you single?
Melody: Go drink some water Hoods, you're drunk. 

Masky: Hey Toby, what's your favorite character in the Simpsons?
Toby: uhhh... Simpson!
Masky: WTF?!

Hoodie: Hey Mel, Spell 'me'
Melody: okay, 'M-e'?
Hoodie: You forgot the 'D'
Melody: There is no 'D' in 'me'
Hoodie: Not yet!👉👌
Melody: (Covers face with embarrassment)
Me!!!: AHEM!  Hey! Family friendly people!

Toby: Do you wanna have a bro-mance?
Masky: isn't that kinda gay?
Toby: No it isn't anymore.
Masky: I'm walking out the door.
Toby: Please don't go awaaaaaaay!

Hoodie: Ts-Ts-undes?
Melody: Tsundere! 
Hoodie: oh.
Melody: OMFG! That's so easy to say!
Hoodie: killlll meeee!!!

Kate: Oh my God, look at that face!
Melody: If you're feeling suicidal, you've come to the right face.

Hoodie: quiet girls be like...
Hoodie: (pets Melody's ears)
Melody: Stop touching me.
Melody: Stop touching me...
Melody: Stop touching meeeee!
Hoodie: (continues)
Hoodie: (Falls off couch laughing)

Hoodie: Yo.
Melody: Fuck you.
Hoodie: I luv u too!😭
Melody: I was talking to Toby.
Hoodie: Toby BETTER NOT be talkin' to my gurl!
Hoodie: (pulls Melody closer to him.)
Melody: Nigga, you drunk again?!

Hoodie: (backflippes of counter)
Hoodie: slits wrist! 
Melody: Are you okay?...

Me: Sup meh dudes
Melody: go away little me...
Me: Was I talking to you?!
Melody: You are me, except I'm older.
Me: you're so gay...
Melody: Wonder where I get it from...

Melody: Die!
Slenderman: ...
Hoodie: What the hell?! Why did you just kill Slender?!
Melody: Nobody talks to my Senpai~
Hoodie: I regret what I said, you're not a Tsundere, you're a Yandere.

Stinger: ugh! This has so many calories!
Melody: You are a stick bitch.
Stinger: 0.0

Stinger: if you don't like me, you can just leave.
Melody: bye bitch!
Stinger: ---___---

Toby: (lays on Masky's lap)
Masky: (strokes Toby's hair)
Hoodie: OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH THEY'RE GAY!!!!! (points at Masky and Toby)
Slenderman: I'm gay too.
Hoodie: 0.0 (shook)


  • hahahahaha! what's wrong with me? Don't worry, I'll do more! Have a great and bloody day!🖤🖤🖤

    Aug 13, 2019

  • I've seen these on YouTube but hey it still makes me chuckle

    Aug 13, 2019

  • What is this meant to be?!

    Aug 14, 2019

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