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I stand in the middle 
Contemplating this riddle 
Which way to goHow will I know 
It’s a two way sign Was it put there by design 
LIFE it points to the left 
  Lifeit points to the Right
Which way to go  A very confusing site 
We all cross this bridge From infant to child 
Adults give directions And as we get older
We make the selections
What did the bridge builder have in mind 
The small print -“Look Behind Go Inside And You Will Find”
In the little shack with a wooden frame 
Above the painted door With a sign with my name 
As I go inside with a little bit of fright
Soft brightness appeares
On the walls with halo light
As walls are filled with pictures 
Of my entire life
I’m confused and I’m curious 
I’m flattered and furious 
One writing stands out 
I  can hear the words shout
“This is your past right up to the present 
Look at them carefully for they tell your story-
Remember your life has had sadness and glory 
Put the pieces together with your brain working hard 
You’ll find the right direction but always be on guard 
When you reach your chosen side you may begin
To live in the happiness by looking within
But always remember life has its two sides
You may loose some good things 
If your courage does hide
So always stay strong for the threat of the demons 
And your life will be filled 
With many wonderful seasons 


  • Aug 13, 2019

  • Aug 13, 2019

  • Dr Jeff

    Dr Jeff

    Very nice

    Aug 13, 2019

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