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Day:3rd of August  location:Manhattan time 4:56 
Jahnev DrummerHeim:Forest reports please.
Worker 1:I saw something running.
Worker 2:I heard something.
JD(Jahnev DrummerHeim):You there,are you new here?
Stranger:You can call  me worker Nicholas,and I heard a violin,a certain song.
JD:Which song?
N(Nicholas):That of the gargoyle.
J:Which Gargoyle?
N:Don't you know the story,well that can be solved(claps his hands),enjoy your dinner.
J:What Din(He wakes up sitting on a table,with many foods).
Are you okay dear,you have been asleep for quite for quite a long time.
Around him is sitting a family of gargoyles,with very gentle expressions.
J:I am okay,long time no see Arthur.
Arthur the father gargoyle:It is a great pleasure to see you again  Jahn.
J:I have been informed that you,my dear friends have a story to tell me.
Miranda the youngest gargoyle daughter:Yes,we do,have you ever heard about The Gargoyle Field?
Stacy The Elder Gargoyle:Above the trees across the skies inside a lake lies,a portal to another place,there are things in there you have to face,are you  ready Jahnev?
J:I am.
Stacy:Then take your fruits. Waiter,can you come please?
Worker Nicholas:Most certainly,what do you need?
Unt   gargoyle Cimelah:The fruits please.
Three days later he is riding a donkey and heading towards the palace of the emperor.

He asks a stranger for information.

J:I'm sorry is this the right way for the the gargoyle palace?

Stranger:Oh,yes indeed it is.

J:Thanks a lot.

Stranger:You are welcome.

J:What exactly do you need  emperor?

Gargoyle emperor(G):I need you to go to the field to the north,pass the bridge,swim through the lake and pray to the gods of the forest,the rest will be revealed to you there.

J:Most certainly.

J:Oh,dear gods guarding the forest may you bring prosperity to all.

Suddenly, a big wooden gate in the woods opens and a pathway appears,and as soon he stars walking the ground beneath him collapses.

Three Elves greet him.

Welcome,we have been waiting for you.

Welcome the Gargoyle Field,in this forest hide three warriors enemies to the emperor,you have to defeat them.

J:Ok,I have a sword.

No sword, you must talk to them so that they will leave the emperor alone,and find their favourite fruits and give them the fruits.


As he walks through the forest a bird appears and takes him aways to a great dessert.

There a warrior with a red scarf appears.

Warrior:Are you with the emperor?

J:Yes,and we need to talk.

W:Okay,let's go home.

J:What do you want from the emperor?

W:He owes a fruit field that i rented him for a bazaar of his,and I need these fruits for my kids.

J:What is their favourite fruit?

W:Pineapples,Grapes,Cherrys,and apples.

J:gives him the fruit bag that he has.

J:Here are enough fruits for your kids and your fellow warri(The door of the house falls open and a fruit hunter appears)

But  J has already given   the warrior the fruits and his mission is complete so the bird is escorting them back to their land.

J:Glad to make deals with you.

W:Same here.

Emperor:Is it done?


Please have dinner with us.

J:Okay,with pleasure and honour.

Former emperor's daughter:Say,where are you from and what is your name,kind sir?

J:Well,my name is Jah(Can you please cut the red ribbon sir?


Worker 2:I said,can you please cut the ribbon for the new park?

J:Of course,of course.

Worker Nicholas:What should name it sir?

 Jahnev DrummerHeim:Warrior Park.

The End.


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