The Gay Prince Of Juevah Kingdom Read Count : 51

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Childrens
Yougene Sakue the prince of Juevah Kingdom. Juevah Kingdom is a very colorful land with flowers and so beautiful Kingdom base in a nather world and universe. And Yougene after 16 years Yougene finally came out to the kingdom and the kingdom and the people didn't like that he is gay but they can't do anything about it because Yougene is the prince of Juevah. And the next tesks for prince Yougene to do is find his prince to become the king of Juevah and then prince Yougene started his search for his prince. And years and months and days went by and prince Yougene kept looking for his prince and in 3 weeks he runs into a guy named Kezi Bluson is a blue eyes with blonde hair and fit and nice and cute and he lives in Suevi Juevah and Suevi is a little village in Juevah anyway Kezi and Yougene started to talk getting to know each other better and better but the villagers won't support that the prince and a villager being hunging out and the villagers keep talking bad about prince Yougene and villager Kezi are falling in love


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    Aug 15, 2019

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