The Life Of Miguel Read Count : 36

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure
The quite kid his name is Miguel. Miguel was born on March 1st 1990 in Kansas and was raised in Missouri and now lives in Nebraska.

Miguel as always been quite as a kid and to himself most of the time until he started in high school in Missouri and he started to talk more open up more he had a F up child hood and teenager years and Miguel started to talk even more. And then Miguel came out in 2014 and had his first boyfriend name Darren and Darren and Miguel dated from Valentine's day to Easter day but they broke because of Dorina the foster mom and Kaylino brother of Miguel.

And Miguel moved and meet more guys in his life like Ave but Miguel and Ave didn't last long but Miguel moved on meeting More guys in Nebraska and Miguel made new friends in Nebraska like Jradley and Namantha but Jradley and Namantha used Miguel Everytime he lives with them. So Miguel begin to start his new life in Nebraska and make new friends and find his prince in his life and hopefully start his own family


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