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So here we go. How are you today? I am ok but I have something on my mind. Hey, why that look on your face? Wait, wait, not like this..hold on. So let’s go at this from another angle. Ok, so smile for me, let’s get pleasant. Awe, nice such a beautiful smile you have, really gets me excited! About where this adventure might just take us.

Alright, we were talking about people and how they don’t like their actual life. What makes people this way hmmmm...I don’t really know! But what I do know is my own perspective about how I see things. Now, now where do I start. What can pull you in on this adventure to what just might be insanity itself. Who knows after all this is all from perspective and “who is right and who is wrong” can be argued all day long!

Now where do I start? Yes agreed some where heart felt and deep within. I will start with truth or better yet honesty. Uh huh, deep subject, from any angle I know. But what makes this such a deep subject. What about honesty “or the need to wear a mask” makes people edgy? I think there may be so many perspectives on that question it could just turn into an entanglement. What do you think? Yea, it does make people uncomfortable. I’m not sure why. 

Background; here I go. So if you haven’t figured out by now, I am that guy. The one who has no filter on his thoughts jumping right out of his mouth. Not the mean type but when it comes to what I think, “I don’t hold back”. I have always felt it was ok to express what you thought especially if it doesn’t hurt someone. Agreed some thoughts, “the ones that come at the cost of someone’s enrichment and the others demise” should be keep to itself! So example “I hate you, you ugly, fat bad word “ as opposed too “I don’t really like you for things you have done”. One having the distinct goal of destroying the other person. And the second more expressing the way you feel with no intent to hurt the other person. Either way it doesn’t matter cause most will get offended by what you say.

Keeping the rule of thumb, that all matter not just one. It takes real courage to be different from others. I realized that later, cause in my youth. I really thought that, I didn’t care what anyone thought about me. Until yea, you guessed it. I met her, and you don’t know that someone’s words have the power to destroy you inside. But guess what it happens. Maybe you have experienced it yourself and maybe you haven’t. But words can be extremely powerful. That’s why as I write, I want you here and experience and feel what I am expressing. So glad your here!


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