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Hi guys thanks for reading this story  OK iam sunny let's start our story we all are knew that in any school in any class there is toppers and dullers .In our story hero is a duller. In any class or anywhere people didn't care of dullers our hero didn't feel about that . His full of conversation is in comics ,cartoons& movies so he didnt mind of his studies .Here all are waiting for hero's name nylon .Nylon everyday thinking about comics,cartoons etc. He is wishing he wants to become superhero and he wants a beautiful girl friend.Everyday in school he dreaming like that.Teachers said many times "concentrate on your studies" but he can' day he went to library for comic books but already stock finished and he searching for any interesting book he searching ,searching he dashed a ladder one girl who had beautiful curly hair with blue eyes . She said" hey man who are you?  Do you have eyes" . Nylon " you talking to me"he said .she"yes" .nylon"sorry".girl"help me iam fall down ".nylon" OK".he helped her and he noticed a short book .He took that and returned to his home. He started reading the book .There is no title no authors name but there is printed like this "If you are brave man do you like to make me a friend" nylon can't understand that words.  And there is printed   like this  "yes" or"no" if you say "yes'" this sentence "mala molo myla mampam' he rad that suddenly a big light coming from that book what happens next ? In part 2.


  • super I want more from u

    Aug 12, 2019

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