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Upon one brisk spring afternoon a fox was roaming around a mansion in the middle of a desolate forest. The fox looked around and saw a robin within a gold clad cage on an open windowsill. Intrigued by this site the fox climbed a tree near the windowsill and jumped next to the cage. Startled the robin jumped back but saw that the fox was of no harm. "W-who are you" the robin quivered. "I? I am but a fox" the fox replied beginning to lay down. "Why is it you are caged up?" asked the fox. The robin hesitantly hoped to towards the fox. "I-I'm a pet you see. My owner caught me in the wild so this cafe is my home now". The fox tilted his head in confusion. All of a sudden footsteps could be heard coming from the doorway. A lavish man in a suit came up to the room and saw the fox and thought it harassing the robin and began shouting and shooing away the fox. The fox quickly and swiftly left the room almost as quickly as he came. The next day, around the same time as before, the fox went back to the mansion and looked upon the same windowsill that the bird cage was on before and there it was again. The fox climbed back up to sill. "Does he always leave you here?" questioned the fox but before anything else could happen as the robin turned the fix noticed her wings clipped. "My, why have your wings been clipped"? The robin looked down in solemn. "Yesterday after the owner shooed you away he opened my cage to fill my water and food. I mistakenly thought he was taking me out of the cage and I flew punishment he clipped my wings". "Do you not think that harsh" remarked the fox. "No no, he is my owner. He does what he thinks is right".  The fox simply shook his head in sadness. "Why do you shake your head"? "I shake it because you do not see it cruel". The robin hopped at the fox. "Oh but I do, it is just...what is there that I can do. The cage locks from the outside and as you see now I can not fly to knock it down". The fox inched closer and rested his snout close to the cage. "Should you wish it I could undo the latch and set you free" he commented but then turned his ear to the door. "I believe that is your owner. Think about it and give me your answer tomorrow". With that the fox left and the robin was began to ponder. The very next day at the same time the fox came by again. He sat in attentiveness awaiting the birds response. "...Yes, please. Open my cage" the robin said meekly. The fox didn't say anything and simply nodded then nudged the latch open. The robin hesitantly hopped out of the cage and looked over the edge. She fluttered what was left of her wings in excitement and anxiety. "I shall help you down to the bottom" said the fox and then gently picked up the robin by gently biting her. He hopped out on to the tree and went to a low hanging branch and gently dropped the robin on to the ground. The robin looked in awe and was astounded by the beauty but the fox looked at her with the eyes of a predator and could only think of one thing. "You're now locked in my cage though. . ."


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    Ghost Jack The Ferryman

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