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Your voice's,i dont reconize it..i dont know either of u..very nice and cleaver bs game u love to judge and blame..who are you to judge and act like ur somebody ur not...never on this day and age,i will never sing praise or pray to you!! I serve one only true god..our father thy art in heaven.. him..whom ever thought they were in charge of a world that belongs to Abba,to take up on ur own to punish the people..why sent you?? Why,arent you busy saving?? Instead you become murders,not once not twice,but many since you have any remorse for any of them?? That was weak and broken hearted,at there very low point in life,instead u went ahead and caused them death!!sum of them was worth saving,it was not ur say to take my brother in laws life..which one of u fallen angels,hung him?? Big billy staton..that was my family..who made that decision,will have to pay..eye for an eye,a tooth for a tooth!!!reap what u sown!! Or come clean and talk to abba ..i dont no who you are... so we dont come from  the same father!!!you laugh as if God dont no what you been up 2 or doin!! He said i wouldnt no why you keep on bugging me??? Ur evil and wicked,i dont give u permission to act on life or calling shots on the next death.. all living things belongs to our lord and you have childern?? Is your life sin free and know ur fruitful that ur going to paradise?? Did father abba give u permission to act on,to murder the poor and meek..the one's who love christ jesus the most!!! I pray and hope Alpha and omega has mercy on your souls,and spirit..your spirit is not of christ but of demons spirits,but they fear me and my father abba,they scream loud ,as they leave whom there attached too.. so leave spirits i command you to now in thy name of jesus chrisit.. i pray and hope u never return.. i pray to the heavens above,for protection on the weak and meeks...and for myself aswell..i pray and call all 1000 angels,to watch over us the one's ,who needs you the most..i learn angels compared to flesh are not very much difference in who's has more authority over who!! So calm down angels u no ur places.. holy angels trammple on snakes and scorpions like the bible states..the end.. spiritual warfare fight over tonight.. call in thy name of our father,abba. To set urselfs free if i aint did then my father must be waiting to hear from you and ur plea???? Gud nite my first love n my last love,thank you for making me me!!!


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