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True  friendship is a commitment 
A moral agreement 

To be there when things go great 
To share the cause to celebrate 

To be supportive when there’s strife 
In short-a pledge that lasts all life

The truth friendship’s not in words
It’s more than believing what you’ve 

The truth lies in both time and action 
Then friends can smile with satisfaction 

There are some out there we call friends 
When facing bad the friendship ends

The idea friends do share respect
To change quite quickly too neglect 

Friendship is a two way street 
Mutually agreed makes it complete 

Time is how to judge success  
If it proves true there’s happiness 

If friendship is a major goal
And you’ve found some to share your soul

Sit back and enjoy the  trip
You’ve both been blessed with true friendship 


  • Aug 11, 2019

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