Catching That Shapeshifter,and Killin It.. Read Count : 22

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Im minding my very own business,sitting in the back yard smoking.i see a werid looking creature wabbling across the street,ugly and fat thats the problem around here..ease dropping on people making its rounds to differnt peoples windows,listening using there personal lifes and wat ever they can use to hear and curseth!!.witch craft if i can ever catch that ugly thing on its belly im surely going to gut it to small little peices and bury has caused so many problems it needs to be handled one way or another..thats satan like on his belly causing neighbors problems n acting like i dont no wat is up.using u dummies voices tryin to pretend its really the person of the voice it sounds like but its really not.hes tricking us the one who has ears to hear..the old serpent at his games very cautions and pay attention he wants nobody to be happy or love each other,all he wants to do is use each others voices to cause comflict or you no if ur being sucked in by Satan n his game,if u begin to suffer from hearing many voices and u start talking to it..stop it,talking to it..once u start its hard to catch that ugly thing and lets kill it together..oh ease droppin family starting problems,hairless cat looking thing.go wobble ur no arms far away from me.. or do me a favor and just die jus like that..and hope you never come back ever again


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