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Larissa was not just very small and even looked a lot younger than her age but in many ways in-spite of being intelligent she was immature in many matters of life.  Both Arturo's and her Mom helped raise the children.  Even her aunts and uncles were very much involved in raising the kids.  
Being very submissively natured Larissa never complained but instead was completely obedient even at her adult age.  Much of it was because of appreciation and respect because of all the help she had. Not once did she think about talking back.  She figured that was the way life was meant to be and that was the best for her children, herself and everyone else.
Maturity was a reality for Larissa at work.  There she was accurate and thorough in all areas.  She was organized and precise.  This career is what led her to the ability of buying a home for her Mom and family.  Nothing could have made her more proud.
"Home Sweet Home"  no truer words could exist at the time she received the title to the house.  Such a beautiful house in a new neighborhood.  A 2,040 square feet 3 bedroom house.  Living space included a family room and a living room/den. It had an indoor and outdoor cemented patio with surrounding flower bed and a bonus room.  Clarissa used that bonus room as a praying chapel.
No matter how loved a house is there are always some drawbacks.  One of these drawbacks was that in order to go to the restroom you would need to go through the outside patio.  Luckily it was built with a sidewalk and had sun and rain shield above.  Another was that the kitchen was also outside in-between a bedroom adjacent to the bathroom and the chapel.
Since the patio included an outside tub sink meant for laundry when Larissa hired a maid name Mirna she washed all the clothes in that outer sink.  Larissa grew very fond of Mirna and Mirna cared a lot for Larissa and her children.  When Clarissa and Larissa both needed to leave the house they could trustingly leave the children with Mirna.  Mirna played with the children as if she was a child herself.  Well she was straight out of her teens so it wasn't difficult for her.


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