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Why do you think I feel like you are trying to replace me with random bitches online hell you spend more time messaging them then you do with me, if I was to message you, you would hell a pissed off at me telling me not to message you anymore but yet you will sit there on your phone messaging these stupid random ass female's in which you have no clue of who the fuck they are but you would rather give these random hoes around the world all of your undivided attention, instead of your very loving wife who has been begging for your undivided attention but she can't get any of your undivided attention, then your wanting to know why the fuck I feel like I have and still do, which leaves me with one question which is what do I got to do to get the same fucking attention that you are giving these random hood rats that are only after your kindness as well as your money


  • Donna Wright

    Donna Wright

    i don't think this one is one of my best writings

    Aug 12, 2019

  • Good Book

    Oct 27, 2019

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