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One sad thing in the relationship journey 
With expectations filled 
A brand new life begins 
Dreams suddenly dashed And spilled 

First you are in shock 
Her message quick and curt
Your mind just blank and numb
The piercing pain does hurt

Denial clouds your brain
“How could this even be?”
It’s a deafening refrain 
“How could this happen to me!”

The separation’s real
And now begins the strife 
You’re dream’s been cut to bits
Sliced with her verbal knife 

It may take some time 
To recover from this blow
How will you go on
Right now you just don’t know 

Eventually the pain is less 
You begin to think of  choice 
Where will direction come from
You guide- your  inner voice 

I f there’s something to be learned 
From an experience so  low
When the next one  you encounter 
Make sure you go real slow 


  • Aug 10, 2019

  • This helps me out a bunch, lovely poem!

    Aug 10, 2019

  • Maurice I guess this might be your one of college days crush

    Aug 11, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Actually it was one of our WO writers Lamenting

    Aug 11, 2019

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