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It is one of those rare- special days
I sit alone-basking in the  summer sun and my thoughts 
Even the birds have cooperated 
The only sound is the ever present brain
dance moving to the music of memories 
There have been many many years to gather and save the sum total of my life on this good earth 
I express “good “ knowing full well the 
contradictions of life both for me and all humanity 
If I were to answer the question with 
one word “good “ would be it
That one word brush stroke is a rarely used generalization in my vocabulary 
But all in all- that is my genuine perception 
Life-death- accomplishments-disappointments- high points of ecstasy 
low’s of tragedy -a potpourri of events within  these descriptions fill my bowl of living for eighty five years 
While I cannot help acknowledge the 
Shit I’ve had to plow through -I refuse to let the demons of death bury me though I must confess there were times when
They had me up to my neck
Through sheer desire-faith and persistence- “I’m still standing”
Fortified by my wonderful wife-
daughter  and grandchildren and my beautiful Marc who I will reunite with 
when the time comes 
My writing has been an extraordinary 
gift and lift that came out of a horrific 
tragedy and blossomed into a incredible means of expressing- sharing and learning 
I am a contented happy man with enough negatives to interfere with the 
I take it in stride and still  rise (although slower) when I fall
All people reach a point of reflection whether in thought or subconsciously 
through actions and behavior 
I wouldn’t change the course of my life for changes result in changes which too could eliminate events 
The only  exception I would give my life for is my beloved Marc-  killed by a drunk driver at the age of twenty nine
The this then is my life 
I continue to stay on this path with optimism and preparedness 
Ready for  my next flight out


  • Aug 10, 2019

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    Aug 10, 2019

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