Letting You Go Read Count : 26

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Adult Romance
I miss you
It's as simple as that
We had something that I never felt before
It was magic
We were two rare diamonds in the night blue sky
But you made our magic disappear
You made our love a thing of the past
You made me end our story

Even though I wasn't ready

Even though our first chapter wasn't over and we still had more chapters to write

Why did you let our story end the way it did? 

You let someone else embrace your body

You let someone else have you in the way I was supposed to
But you didn't think I was worth waiting for

Even though I haven't let you go in heart
I let you go through words

I know my heart will heal just like a cut
Slow and with a scar

Yes I miss you
Yes we had beautiful moments
But I do have to let you go
So my heart can lead me to someone who makes the word "pain" disappear from my vocabulary


  • Broken



    Sep 07, 2019

  • Nice. Ouch ❤

    Oct 26, 2019

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