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They say the search is easier when you start gettin the merch. Yet I'm a just chill on the porch. Look up at the night sky and dream of the thoughts they keep saying obscene.  I been feelin my whole process on lean, always doing my best to just fuckin stay clean.  What's it all mean, when's the next scene,  I gotta get outta here, someone please pass the green? Go and get myself lifted so I can feel gifted like I drifted straight into a life that ain't never been blistered. I just kept thinkin it couldn't be mastered, never thought it mattered the more I sat there and felt shattered with thoughts so fuckin scattered I'd be diagnosed as fractured. Why go back to the pills, so sick of the feels and these people that keep hittin me up with some deals knowin damn well I said I was done and I'm a trust my own will. 


  • Aug 10, 2019

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