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I rarely write blogs on topics that make me do so, both GOD & SIN OPEDIAOLOGY'S are really contributing something really worthy. Yesterday my friend godopediaology in his play talks about "blood being used as a washing agent" was different and what sinopediaology has written today in his story article is much more different than my friend's play. Anyhow great ideas, truly 3 of our name GOD, SATAN & SIN has become a trinity trilogy and also looks worthy. Keep on guys, you still have lots to do. Wish you a whole lot of all the fortunes of the world. Ummahha.....


  • 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Aug 11, 2019

  • Team

    Aug 11, 2019

  • that ending tho...best evil laugh ever!!👌🏻

    Aug 22, 2019

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