THE DREAM Read Count : 16

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure
You are now in a dream
You can't control it

One day in one castle there was a boy who lived in there
But sadly he was killed by a flying squirrel
His soul lived on
One day his son caa coo went out side
And turned the castle to chocolate
But then loader the unicorn came in
And stoped him
But sadly caa coo killed loader
Caa coo Stole all the infinity Stones
And killed thanos
Nugget came in
And use magic to bring back loader
Loader killed caa coo

U wake up...
U wonder
What dream was that
Why can't u control it
U noticed it was midnight
U got a class of milk
Drank it
U fell asleep
No wonder u have strange dreams



  • Aug 10, 2019

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