GODOPEDIAOLOGY Moral Value 2: Can Sin Be Washed By Blood Read Count : 22

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GODOPEDIAOLOGY: This is the question I am dying to ask you both. Please answer me "Can blood wash sin?"

SATAN: I feel that only water can wash the dirtiness of utmost everything on the earth and about sin, I don't know I don't think anyone's sin can easily be washed. It requires time and lots of hardships to clear of your sin and what is this "Blood washing sin?" I don't agree it is impossible.

CHRIST: I understood that GODO you are referring me, from the point of people's belief let it be so but from the view of truth SATAN is right. There is no blood pure as water and can be used to wash anything. About sin, everyone knows that "sin won't get paid off easily that's why sinners and sin both keep on increasing and won't decrease till it is destroyed completely."


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    Aug 10, 2019

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