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So you want to know about Kailah, the lady of snow. Her tale was a sad story. From what I hear about the gossip and myths floating around, she was once a woman from wealth, and like most rich people, suffered with loneliness. She could buy alot of things with her money, but one thing she knew money would never satisfy was companionship. 

One day, she met a man. They quickly became friends, and very quickly became more than friends. It is said that love is a powerful drive in ones journey, but love can also blind a persons' judgement. She was too trusting because of her loneliness, and just wanted a person to be with. One morning, she woke up to find all her fortune and riches gone along with him. This had put her in a depression and no longer cared about anyone anymore. Slowly with time, everything she owned was stripped from her possession until eventually, she had nothing left in her life anymore. Having no home or friends left, she decided to leave the place that brought her so much misery growing up.The last few times anyone from town saw of her, she was wandering around the forest, suffering and struggling to survive. Then, after a harsh winter had set in, she simply disappeared forever. She was presumed dead, though no body or bones were found. Although... some say that they can still see her wandering around, looking for what she had always craved for, a true and caring friend. After the years roll by, her story faded away to be nothing more than a tale taught to children not be trusting of strangers, and the true tragedy became lost. The stories were forgotten, and so was her. But every here and there, someone matching her description could be seen walking around the forest landscape.

They say she appears from the surrounding shadows during cold winter nights when the storm is most violent. You can't really see her due to the heavy blizzard, just glimpses of a red dress traversing across the snow and disappearing into the thick of the trees. There are some who claims to have encountered this woman face to face before. She would come by their encampment at night and ask for a nights rest by the fire. She is described as a pale woman as white as snow and as cold as ice, with dark wavy hair falling down to her shoulders and wearing a red gown that contrast well with her skin. 

When the moonlight lights up the shadows, her true nature is revealed. She would shy away as the light beams from the nightsky uncloaks her illusion. Her pale skin turns blue, as her hands transform into charr burning away the soft and tenderness from her skin. She lets out a loud but sad squeal, and the last thing they see before she flee away into the darker forest is the blood in her tears and the cries from humiliation.

"Thats the kind of stories I've heard about Kailah. She only ever wanted a lover to care for her. I guess you can't really trust anyone in this world huh."

"Don't be sad anymore."

You walk over to where she is and sit down next to her cold body. You put your arm around her shoulders and pull her closer to your warm body.

"What are you doing?"

You ask in confusion.

"The world have treated us both badly Kailah. You killed yourself because you couldn't deal with loneliness anymore. Someone who I though had loved me truly took her own life a couple days ago. Perhaps what we both need is comfort."

(^^backstories coming soon^^)

You slowly cling onto his body and feel his warmth warm you up.

Your quiet sniffles turns to soft sobbing and then crying.

"How did you know it was me?"

"Because you were so sad telling the story you know soo well, you had to be talking about yourself."

"Don't cry anymore. We're both alone now. Maybe this is fate that guided us to eachother."

(He lifts your head up             (You lift her head up

and wipes your red                   and wipe away her

tears from your cheeks              bloody tears with 

with his tender hands                    the back of your

and you give him a                      hand and give her

a tender smile)                                  a gentle smile.)

The moonlight came tonight, and broke her illusion. She turns into what she had described in her tale. Though this time, she did not run.

He had seen who I was and wasn't afraid of me. The first person in forever that wasn't terrified of their encounter with me.

She gets up from me and walk into the silver light. She wanted to give me a dance before the night is over. I wanted to see her true beauty , even with her curse she holds.

He kindly accepts my offer and watches passionately as I dance away my worries along with his stress. I haven't felt this happy for the longest time. Its like we were truly meant for eachother, even though we're from separate worlds.

Gently swaying her body around with that black hair, red dress and pale skin was a beautiful, relaxing and calming sight. 

Eventually I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was daylight. She was not here anymore, but she had left a gift behind covering my body.

Her Red Dress.

I hope I see her again. 

Wrote this story listening to Peter Gundry - Tear it from my Chest.



  • Aug 09, 2019

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