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Doesn’t matter what people say about you.

Doesn’t matter what people think about you.

Your disability will never define who you really are.


Today I met two different people in the same place.

First one, he was an interviewer who invited me to meet up somewhere in Central Jakarta to talk about the job etc. He was British which it was unexpected because I thought he was an American based from his picture he had sent me. Okay, my fault because I judged someone based from his picture. Well, he was working as a trainer also had built his own business here in Jakarta with English as an important subject. Then again I need to listen very carefully because his accent kind of strange to my ears, sorry, I used to hear American accent so it was hard to understand what he was saying but I got his point though. We talked. I understood what he had said I just couldn’t find lot of words to explain what I meant to say. My bad, I was too lazy to talk and I was unwell also right before I was heading to the place to meet up. My driver dropped me to the wrong direction. He supposed to dropped me at West Mall of Grand Indonesia, the Highest level of shopping mall you can named it. But he dropped me at West Mall of Plaza Indonesia. (Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia was opposite to each other) I didn’t notice that so at Plaza Indonesia I went up to 4th floor but it was only up till 3rd floor. I was confused also in a hurry because the British man was arrived there first than me. I decide to asked the security and he said I was in the wrong place. (I hate South area, really. I’ve been there only twice or three times in my life before this) So I came across the road and been at Grand Indonesia 15 minutes late from the schedule. At the foodprint hall I finally met the British Interviewer and I said sorry because of the wrong direction and so many reason I had to said.

The second person I had met up with was an old friend. She was a girl one year older than me. She has a disability. She was deaf so she was wearing a hearing aid for her ears. We are a very good friend. We haven’t met each other for more than 5 years so it was a great moment I had to see her again. To be honest I never thought she would work like a normal person do. Well she came from a rich wealthy family which her parents will always ready to give her anything she wanted. She could buy anything, she could eat everything without thinking about yesterday. But she told me she has been working as a design graphic staff. She has been working for 4 years now. I was like Wow! Sometimes God was working with a different way I believe that. See, I was born as same like all normal people. I don’t have any disability but I can’t play piano even if I want to, she can. I can’t read musical notes, she can. I can’t draw, she can. I can’t even paint, she can. I was an art person but she could do anything more than me. That was amazing how God put everything on the perfectly way. Even people may judge and talked ugly about it.

How we talked to each other? Sign language? No. Not anymore. Her pronunciations wasn’t really good. I didn’t mind about it. I understood. She was wearing a hearing aid but she still needs to see me. I know she needs to see and read my lips every time we had to talk. I noticed that since the very first time I met her. So when I wanted to talked to her I would touch her to let her know that I wanted her attention. So she could have a chance to read my lips. That was her. She had growth to be a very beautiful woman. I think I want to write her story into a book. Maybe later.

-Vivian Lin 


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  • I really enjoyed this,keep writing!

    Aug 11, 2019

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