Sin 2 Read Count : 10

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror

Stealing, robbing someone's property or even desiring to achieve someone else thing is also a sin. But nowadays it is made compulsory that if we need to survive we should be mastered in getting others things and places. Even our parents encourage us by saying "one day you should be like him or like her." as if they aren't satisfied in us staying the way we are. Let it be academics, skills or anything, we are taught to excel others and stamp on them to climb the ladder of success. Though at first it looks thrilling and extremely exhilarating still as the time passes either the person grows positive or negative depending upon the situation.

But in majority of the cases it prepares a normal child into hyper tensed aggressive youth thereby forgetting the values of life and to become a lonely worried anxious angered youth hidden his or her face from the rest of the world.


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