Tonight Read Count : 46

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Erotic

He reaches out to touch her burning soul as she sets fire to his imagination. The night is young but time is of the essence so he strives to make every second more so than the last. In her eyes he can see the hunger for the passion he is about to bestow unto her.  The temperature rises as he falls into her and she embraces the deeply compelled sexual emotions from his tender touch and expressions. Locked together in a ball of energy soaking wet and engaged they steal from one another feeding on the lust they both undeniably crave. With the smooth stroke of his hand he bends her back while holding her angelic body to him and watching as her spirits rise. The intensity of the moment gives way to her agresion and compelle's her drive to increase. He thrust hard into her deep as she bellows out loudly for him to hear. He leans in to her locking his lips to her own while holding her silky smooth legs open and thrust even harder and deeper. "Again" she cry's out louder as he whispers to her. "Do you like that"   "yeah" she cry's aloud as he begins to lung himself against her. "Don't stop" she yells.  "harder, harder, Ohh" she crys. He leans into her and again he speaks in a low whispering voice. "I'm going to cum inside of you"  She cry's back. "Yes cum in me I want you to cum inside of me". He begins to reach his moment and she begins to follow through. " I'm cumming don't stop" she cry's out. He thrust harder and harder deeply into her and she bellows aloud as they both begin to cum for one another. he feels her washing over him as she feels him give way as a warm flood rushes into her. Slowly they calm and the room becomes silent. Finding themselves intangled in one another's arms the night fades.


  • Sep 25, 2019

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