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They read you Cinderella, you hoped it would come true someday your prince charming would come rescue you.

Toby keith

What happens when you turn away your prince charming and years later he finds you again. Both of your lifes have taken different paths but your love is still true. He is your only one and you are his only one. You hear about how horrible he is being treated and you just want to make it better. Promises of meeting again even though you are miles apart now. Then to hear your prince charming has commited suicide.  You fall to your knees crying. All your dreams of happiness gone. Your fairytale ripped out of exisistence. How do you go on! 


  • Aug 07, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    If you set your life in one objective and it has no chance of becoming reality you can either languish in misery or face the reality of the situation There will be more pain in that decisions as long as you mindset stays the same If you choose to move on that too will be painful but you give yourself a chance for a better life🦋

    Aug 09, 2019

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