August 7th, 2017 (No Title) Read Count : 18

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It's a little screwed up. Holding a less than half filled cup. His thoughts always a hindrance, and there's just so much indifference he no longer sees his own significance. He always seems to repent, so he starts to resent. Forgetting his own purpose, he can't find the surface. Walking on unstable ground, with a heart that no longer seems to pound. He's always alone, he's always alone. Always wearing a frown, instead of wearing a crown. He just feels torn down, lost and can't be found. So he just sits there, never going anywhere, because he can't seem to bare, those eyes that always stare. Gotta stay guarded, prevent it from getting in so he can't be damaged. Trust is gone, faith is lost, he's even further gone, feeling frozen due to this internal frost. What's it going to cost, to regain what was lost?? His mind deemed it impossible, but hope's still here saying it's probable. Everything so scattered, he just feels shattered, Motivation has dwindled, his mind needs rekindled. He's realizing he needs to change this, but alone he finds it harder to do this. Everyone says you need to be happy, to be able to make someone else happy. What happens when you're that person that needs someone, what happens when you just can't find that motivation on your own??


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