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Bon voyage, Gagarin! 

Engine check

Lights come on

An experimental journey

Start the countdown 

You’re clear for take off 

Manual or automatic

Better know them both 

In case there turns out to be 

A underlying flaw

In either man or in machine 

Each born with its respective 

Incorrigible original sin 

Wipe the sweat 

Oil the chains 

Steady hand 

Despite the inner scream

Consequences of every kind must be foreseen

Nothing must be left to chance 

Call all the engineers

Call your priests 

Prepare an ambulance 

And for good fortune 

On the side of the wheel 

Take a piss

Blasting off in ten, nine, eight

An epic flight of mind and scientific grace

The whole world watching with suspended breath

Seven, six, five

Pupils wide

Four, three, two

The heart’s already in the race 

One and zero 

Ignition and goodbye 

See you soon out there 

Up in the nethers 

Ripping through a glorious, untouched, star studded sky 

The first human to break completely through 

To the other side 


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