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A long time ago 

I used to think 

I had a mind of my own 

Convinced I could draw up appropriate plans

But all I achieved 

Was make all the gods laugh 

As I struggled to pretend I wasn’t going to rust

Now I no longer can be so sure

Of the meaning of patterns 

That my dry eyes discern 

A mind of my own 

A human kind to which I’d belong 

(Oh, dreams, dear ghosts of the past)

Only to realize brutally fast

It might as well all be happening 

In the mind of someone 

(Not me)

Who draws random cards from a stack 

To govern all of our lives 

You’ll ask

Is it in God that you trust?

Trust, I will tell you,

Is a thing of the past

A god there may be 

But let me ask you right back 

Did God ever trust in us?  


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