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White, pure all encompassing light

Blanks out all that it touches along its winged featherless flight

Red, the life in your veins pumping its might

Vigorous, throbbing, breaking a path

Orange, the fire of passion exploding

Hissing and sizzling, scorching, engorging 

Yellow, life’s bitter lemons 

Get a grip and enjoy it

Green, the fresh air machines 

Won’t be long before we destroy them

Blue, where would we be without you

Liquid rock around a lucky star revolving 

Indigo, the ocean of night 

Dive in with me, I’ll stain all the streets with my pen as I write 

Black, pure all encompassing absence of light 

If you didn’t know any better, you wouldn’t know it was any different from white and it’s insane all-encompassing light. 


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